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Web Design

You need more than just a website – you need measurable business results and best support. Therefore, you need more than just a web designer – you need a partner that will deliver such results!

Our approach and creative talent, combined with 4 years of experience, is guaranteed to transform your underperforming website, win industry-leading awards, and make you the hero in the process!

We Deliver Results on

  • Bonmano Web Design

    Bonmano webdesign Bonmano webdesign

  • Snapp Trip portal development Snapp Trip portal development
    Felesh Agency web design Felesh Agency web design
  • Logo Adneek Logo Adneek
    Logo Promax Logo Promax
  • visamulti webdesign

    Visamulti logo Visamulti logo Visamulti logo

  • Africa holding webdesign

    sabt24 logo sabt24 logo

  • Logo Hrtalk Logo Hrtalk


We Are


Codarx is a top web development agency based in Tehran. We specialize in user experience design, and development of web and application.Codarx Founded in 2016, Codarx is now a team of over 10 people working with leading brands and startups.

4 Years in Business

125+ Completed Projects

92% Happy User Experiences


This is how we will deliver Results on Internet® (ROI) on your project:

  1. We will work with facts, not opinions.
  2. We will create an alignment between your business objectives and your users’ needs.
  3. We will design user-centric experiences that are tested with real users and are guaranteed to work.
  4. We will deliver a website that wins awards and achieves business objectives.

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UX Design

Web Design